R&D Center

It was founded in July 1998, occupying 1000 square meters, with 40 stuff members, in which 2 doctors, 6 masters. The others are all Chemists or Chemical Engineers.

Main facilities:
1. Four laboratories, with well-equipped instruments and one designing room.
2. 40,000 volume library, together with all kinds of science periodicals.
3. All kinds of research instrument, including:
1) MD-800 Chromatograph-Mass Spectrograph, made by VG of British.
2) AM-300 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Analyser, made by Bruker of Switzerland.
3) 701 KF Titrino, made by Metrohm of Switzerland.
4) DX-500 Ion Chromatography, maded by Dionex of America.
5) D-7500 Liquid Chromatography of Hitachi.
6) All type of Gas Chromatography.

Main activity:
1. Develop urgently-needed chemicals on domestic & overseas markets.
2. Cooperate with a lot of famous universities and institution in China on stuff training and sharing research achievements.
3. Co-work with specialists from Japan, Korea & America etc.

Main development direction:
1. Up- & down- stream products of Langfang Triple Well Chemicals Co., Ltd.
2. Pharmaceutical & Pesticides intermediates, raw material for electro-plating and all kinds of assistants.
3. Custom & Toll Manufacturing.

Add: 9 Yonghua Road Langfang City,HeBei, China
Tel: +86-316-2224727 2224728
Fax: +86-316-2224730
E-mail: info@hawk-chinachem.com