Brief Introduction to LTW

Langfang Triple Well Chemicals Co., Ltd. (LTW) was established in 1992 and has made great development during several years. We have 370 staff members, 42% were well educated, majored in chemistry or chemical engineer. LTW consists of Chemical Institute, multi-purpose pilot workshop, four well- equipped production shops and two branch factories, together with quality inspection center. All equipment and instruments stand the highest level of China. We have become the fine chemical production base confirmed by China Chemical Ministry.

We are manufacturing three series of fine chemicals. Levulinic Acid, Butyl Levulinate, Ethyl Levulinate, Diphenolic Acid and ACVA series has the largest capacity in the world; Dimethyl Disulfide,Methane Sulfonyl Chloride, Methanesulfonic Acid series is becoming the second biggest global manufacturer; We also do custom and toll manufacturing. Our total annual output is l5000 mts, all items take lead international technique and quality. LTW has been documented by ISO-9002 and TUV confirmation in 1997, and has established branch office in USA. Above 90% of output is exported to Europe, USA, Japan, South East Asia and Middle East etc.

Our administration objective: Regard quality as the first, reputation as the most important. We'll send best services to all the friends in China and world over!


Add: 9 Yonghua Road Langfang City,HeBei, China
Tel: +86-316-2224727 2224728
Fax: +86-316-2224730