Multi-purpose Pilot Plant


Pilot workshop is a key factor for applying a new technical process in large-scale production. It is also the critical step for converting science and technology into productive forces.
In this multi-purpose pilot workshop, different basic unit meets different chemical process demand. Meanwhile, each unit has diversified operation mode and wide operation range, enabling each unit has multi-purpose usage. Relevant units can also be connected flexibly.

The workshop is comprised of:
1. Measuring instrument:
Adopts advanced technique to measure material and energy consumed in the process. For example, gas is measured by SR-SWR flow-meter made in Japan, which equipped with pressure and temperature compensation system, enabling the quantity of gas can be measured exactly.
2. Multi-purpose reaction system.
Includes the following reactors:
1). Titanium reactor: suitable for strong corrosive material, such as halogen.
2). Photo-actinic reactor: suitable to produce high-purity and low-impurity product.
3). High-pressure reactor: Maximum pressure reaches 4 MPa. Suitable for hydrogenation
reaction of aromatic and unsaturated compound.
4). Ordinary pressure and vacuum reactor: suitable for reaction of halogenation, esterification, hydrolytic decomposition, ammonia synthesis, alkalating, diazonium, acylating, carboxylation and etherification etc.
5). Integration interchangeable reactor: coordinated with auxiliary components, imitates all kinds of reactions.
3. Purifying units:
Includes centrifuge, filter, dry tower, bucker, extraction still, crystallizer, evaporator, distillation still, rectifying column and tail gas absorber etc.
4. Supporting facility:
Includes water, heating, cooling, hot oil, electric power vacuum systems, machine maintenance, instrument calibration and nitrogen machine etc.
5. Analysis instrument:
Includes gas, liquid, ion, ultraviolet, infra-red chromatographs, chromatograph-mass spectrograph.
6. Automatic control system.
The multi-pilot workshop not only serves our R&D center, but also is used for other chemical research organizations to verify their laboratory process.

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